Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’m a big believer of blue light blocking glasses. While at work I’m constantly on a computer and then I come home to find myself still staring at a screen again. Whether it be watching television, scrolling through your phone, or playing on a computer – most of us spend a lot of time being exposed to blue light. Now more than ever since we’re quarantined at home! It was when I started getting headaches from being on my electronics so frequently that I decided it was time to look into blue light glasses. 

Blue light blocking glasses combat digital eye strain by limiting your exposure. Digital eye strain can cause dry eyes, headaches, eye fatigue and blurred vision. Although small amounts of blue light are beneficial to your health, mass amounts are not. Blue light glasses can be both inexpensive and cute – so what’re you waiting for?! I linked some of my amazon favorites below and they’re all under $25! 

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