The *Coziest* Winter Trend

Sherpa lined jackets are a big trend this year and I’m loving it. They’re perfect for adding a layer of warmth to a jacket and making it so cozy at the same time. I’ve tried many different types and rounded up my top 5 favorite sherpa-lined jackets this year.

P.S. – Most of them are actually on sale right now 😁

Target Sherpa-Lined Jean Jacket

Do you love the look of a jean jacket but it’s not warm enough to wear during the cold winter months? Problem solved! This Target one is great quality, super warm and very affordable – it’s even on sale right now! This one from Old Navy is super similar too if your size is unavailable.

Amazon Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Jacket

My initial reaction was not the best but I’ll attribute most of that to the packaging. Have you ever gotten a packet from amazon that’s vacuum-sealed? Well when I washed this jacket and it came back to life I was pleasantly surprised! This jacket is not the best quality but it was nice on a warmer winter day (it was in the low 50s when I wore it) and it looked very stylish. I also ordered this one on amazon and it’s little more expensive but much better quality.

Levi’s Sherpa-Lined Leather Puffer

This jacket was a favorite straight out of the box. The leather is soooo soft and I can’t say enough about how amazing the quality is. I even ended up getting this in another color because I liked it so much!

Tread & Supply Sherpa-Lined Jacket

This jacket is very lightweight but still soooo warm. It’s great for long-term wear because it won’t weigh you down or give you that “get me out of this jacket asap” feeling that the heavier coats do.

Carhartt Sherpa-Lined Jacket

The Carhartt brand has such a great reputation for good reason. This jacket is so warm and I know it’ll last me a long time. The Carhartt look is classic and will never go out of style either!

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